Small Pewter Sculptures

Item Name Item Code
Baby in Egg M025
Bunny Baby N133
Bunny Mama N132
Bunny Papa N131
Cat Dragin M073
Dolphin Baby N143
Dolphin Dad N141
Dolphin Mom N142
Dragon Chained Limited Edition M071
Dragon Eating M030
Dragon Hamlet M054
Dragon Holding M035
Dragon Roaring Limited Edition Sculpture L080
Dragon Smirking M037
Dragon Thinking M038
Dragon on Back M040
Fighting Dragon M045
Fool Top N110
Frog Mom & Baby N052
Frog Prince N050
Frog Swatter N055
Gargoyle N060
Griffin in Egg M095
Lil Frog N054
Mushroom Fairy N105
Peewee Wizard N100
Penguin Dad N161
Penguin Mom with child N162
Penguin walking with Left Foot Up N164
Penguin walking with Right Foot Up N163
Pig Out N075
Sitting Fairy M177
Small Knight M103
Small Pegasus N065
Small Unicorn N095
Smiling Gargoyle N061
Sorceress Pawn M265
Wolf Baby N153
Wolf Father N151
Wolf Mother N152

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